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August 23, 2006


John (Uneasy Rhetoric)

Because the law states that bicycles must ride with the flow of traffic, and because I imagine most cyclists where you are do, you are actually doing cyclists a grave disservice by violating the law and riding contrary to traffic.

In the eyes of drivers, you have suddenly become unpredictable, and traffic safety depends in large part on the idea that traffic follows predictable patterns, defined by the rules of the road.

(You also become a poor ambassador for cyclists generally, who already have reputations for lawlessness when it comes to road rules.)

If you don't feel safe riding with traffic on a particular street, then chose an alternate route. For busy streets without adequate bicycle facilities, this is a far, far better option than riding against traffic.

And you mention iPods, I think it's illegal in most places (certainly here in CA) to wear headphones in both ears while riding.

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