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November 01, 2006



Given that the attendee's drove to the PD, it's natural to assume that they would move their car to the library. Contrary to your statement, I did note a fair number of people walking to the library. Also, there is a sidewalk on the north side of Forest Hill Avenue that connects to a sidewalk on the east side of Legend Drive that goes directly to the front door of the Franklin Public Library.

John Michlig

I saw an exodus of cars, all lined up to leave and "re-park" at the library. There may have been a few people who walked (I know I saw at least one guy nearly clipped by a passing car as he attempted to walk past a car parked on Loomis).

My main point was to note the mass movement of vehicles from one single-destination parking lot to another - - - in a more perfect world, the city's "civic center" would be more centralized and served by a single parking area.

The midnight walk to a vehicle parked back at the Law Enforcement Complex would have been a cold stroll indeed!

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