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March 28, 2007



That is bad. I did not remember them saying they were going to put in two big box buildings. I assumed it was going to be something like The Fountains of Franklin. No wonder they don't have a web site for this proposal. Sense this is so close to the city center of Franklin I would love for them to make it more of a downtown feeling. An example would be like the new Bayshore Town Center only much smaller. I wish Franklin had a nice, small, downtown feel development close to the library and city hall if anything.

Is that a roundabout I see there on Drexel? Also all the wetlands I see are going to be covered up with something, most likely my car or my groceries. For the potential in this site it was given no real thought and is very disappointing.

John Michlig

No roundabout on Drexel. They plan a series of elaborate traffic structures to keep people from driving through the subdivision across the street.

As for all the asphalt, we can only hope that someone steps in and stops this ubly atrocity.

John Michlig

I've been corrected by another reader: the traffic structure at the north side of the development of Drexel could indeed be considered a form of roundabout, though not designed to send traffic "roundabout."

And it's "ugly,' not "ubly." : )


This project is expected to cause significant destruction of wetland resources and environmental corridor tributary to the Root River, and negatively affect several plant species of Special Concern and the Lake Chubsucker (fish of special concern). While everyone supports sound economic development, we should not support the takings of important natural resources in the process.

The present design will impact an environmental corridor of significant historical value including wetlands that filter water prior to reaching the Root River. This 38.7 acre development project has enough acreage (and open farm fields) to allow business development if properly designed so that the proposed Sendiks and Target are not placed on top of existing wetlands and habitat for species of concern. We can and must do better! Franklin should also encourage development that encourages infiltration and treatment of runoff through pervious pavement, bioretention facilities, and vegetated swales to minimize impacts to the water quality and wildlife of the Root River.

jim rowen

Nicely done. Thanks for getting the word out.

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