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May 31, 2007


Greg Kowalski

Good morning,

For the record, I'm probably the most disappointed reader thus far for this blog. You've been basically the man the radio (Mark Belling) and the Journal Sentinel used as the head of opposition for this particular project. Your numerous postings about WV's lack thereofs and disappointments apparently didn't mean much, since ultimately in the end you stood for the side you were bantering all these months. I guess your title had it right - all Mark needed to do was ruffle your feathers a bit by linking you to the people of Franklin (snobs, etc) - you backed down and basically gave the open-ended support for this.

They got their way after all.

John Michlig

You prompted me to go back and re-read what I posted.

I dunno - seems pretty clear that while I want a commercial development to succeed there, but I want to see it done right. I didn't like the characterization in the media of people like us as "antidevelopment" simply because we would like things done BETTER and with the future of that zone in mind.

Belling said this: "These knuckleheads don't want ANYTHING! Where do they get off?"

I think you and I agree on these items:

A. Commercial development on the corner of Drexel and Hwy. 100 = GOOD and NEEDED

B. The present configuration = BAD and NEEDS ALTERATION

C. Commercial development WILL occur there

D. Target = DONE DEAL and may, unfortunately, kibosh "B."

E. The ENTIRE Plan Commission can vote "no," but the Common Council ultimately will simply say "yes."

But, in the end, you and I want development on that corner to proceed, no? So we press "B" as best we can.

Let me go back and read it again ...

Is it "I'm not against it at all" that skews the whole deal for you? Should I say "Not against a GOOD DEVELOPMENT"? Because, really, what good is the opinion of a guy who is against development in general?

Regarding "City Center": The development as planned - and, indeed Franklin - can't at this point support a City Center configuration ala Bayshore. HOWEVER, if Carstensen plans for the future, he can configure the 8 buildings in the present plan to allow for infill down the line. Furthermore, if the city redoes that stretch of Drexel properly, that whole section could fill right up to the library.

As far as environmental issues go, of course I believe that all the "i's" should be crossed and "T's" dotted, as they say. If that's the big deal breaker, that's entirely appropriate.

John Michlig

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