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June 11, 2007



Just wondering if that latest sketch is the current rendering for the new Sendik's..the one on the fountains website looks much different. This current one looks much better

John Michlig

This is the latest rendering and is what they plan to build.

Greg  Kowalski

Hi John,

Nice overlay, like the "sprawled out" logo on the bottom!

I think you were mentioning last week's Common Council meeting, not PC meeting.

That's ok, everyone makes mistakes.

John Michlig

You're right - it was the Common Council meeting. Good catch; I made the correction.

I find I have to watermark my overlays now that developers are actually using them on their websites without attribution!

Scott  Lund

Hi John,
As a neighbor in the Serenity Estates neighborhood I can tell you we are very displeased by the lack of cooperation we have received regarding our consern over the Sendik's development. While we have met with key city officials & the developer, as of today not so much as a single tree has been added to the site plan to address safety conserns or obstruct our view of the rear of the store, the loading dock & the delivery trucks. To the contrary, the existing 500 ft long mature treeline North of the proposed store was destroyed just over 2 weeks ago.
While we have voiced our issues w/the site plan at planning meetings & common council meetings, not once has a contingency or stipulation been added to the forward motion of this development to attempt to address our conserns.
Although we are in support of the development & the much needed tax revenue it will bring to the city, the lack of support for the surrounding neighbors has been anything but pretty.

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