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August 17, 2007


illusory tenant

Outstanding. Good on ya.

Kevin Fischer

John, I think hell just froze over.

For clarification purposes, there never was any conspiracy to keep my "day job" a secret on FranklinNow.com.

I certainly had no opposition to being more specific. As I told you in an e-mail many months ago, my affiliation with Senator Lazich is mentioned every week on my Channel 10 TV show, and I always mention it when I fill in at WISN. I am quite proud to work for my friend, colleague and state Senator. Most people know I work for the Senator.

My bio should have been changed a long time ago. I have no control over that portion of the blog.

Having said that, understand my blog is my blog. When I post and when I appear on radio or TV, I do so without the help or guidance of any talking points or coaching or whispers in my ear. My views and expressions and writings are mine and mine alone. Your readers need to know the entire story.

Finally, give the urban sprawl kick a rest once in awhile and blog about the King. You'll really get a great feeling out of writing about someone who touched your life.

Greg Kowalski

*** This comment violated the new "kinder, gentler" tone goal, and therefor deleted ***

Ron Rady

I didn’t know that free press or speech was based upon party affiliation. why hide what sould have no impact? could any one who belongs to any party hold any job for the government? oh thats everyone I forgot.

John Michlig


Water under the bridge.

As I noted, context is everything. Your recent blog entry "FRANKLIN'S TOP ISSUES-ISSUE #2," for instance, is illuminated by the reader's knowledge of your professional affiliation, the same way a column about global warming gains context when it's revealed that the writer is a member of Greenpeace.

There are things in your posting that I will disagree with or want to clarify, but there are also a few things with which I agree. My goal is to keep the debate crackling along without hard feelings.

COMMON GROUND DEPT.: Were this blog of broader scope - - I would have linked (as you did) to the excellent Peter Guralnick piece in the NYT regarding the misnomer of Elvis's "racism." Guralnick's two-volume bio of Elvis (split perfectly into the rise: "Last Train to Memphis"; and the fall; "Careless Love") are without peer.

I confess, however, that I read them backwards. The latter-day Elvis fascinates me. I listen to the 1974 "Desert Storm" live bootleg with mouth agape: He sings "You Gave Me a Mountain" - - which is basically about Priscilla and his daughter, who are in the audience - - and spends 5 minutes afterward telling the audience it's NOT about them.

Then, in the middle of a new song, not yet released at the time, "It's Midnight" ....

"Trying to be strong, then nighttime comes along and I start loving you,
Wanting you.
[aside]- - Listen 'Cilla - -
Where is all my self control I'm burning way down in my soul
And needing you,
and wishing I could be the man, I try to,
Hating me for wanting to be with you, knowing you don't love me like you used to ...
But it's midnight, oh and I miss you."

Wow. Frankly, The King regularly made a parody of studio gems like "Can't Help Loving You" onstage (he'd reel it off in double time or as a medley), but only a heart of stone could be unmoved by what Elvis reveals during that uncomfortable closing night performance at the Las Vegas Hilton.

I am now disturbed by the fact that, as of a few weeks ago, I am older than Elvis Presley ever was.

And, speaking of age, I should explain that the comment by Greg Kowalski that I used blogger's prerogative to delete was not anything despicable, but it did seem to me to be the sort of thing that would have benefited from a few moments' contemplation before hitting the "send" key. Greg, you are welcome to re-post if your urge persists.

I don't mean to be condescending to Greg, but I was 20 years old once. All I can say is I'm glad there was no internet back then to record my every impulsive outburst (or digital cameras to document my semi-mullet).

And now, back to our respective corners ...

Kevin Fischer

John, the latter day Elvis doesn't get enough credit.

Jumpsuited? Yes, but that was for comfort onstage. Presley's voice could handle any genre. The passion and heart he put into each vocal is unparalleled. After his divorce, he went into the studio and poured his heart out on, "Separate Ways," and "You Were Always on my MInd." People forget Elvis did it first, not Willie Nelson.

Elvis had everything, but he couldn't bring back what he wanted more than anything: his mother and Priscilla. Many songs he recorded late in his career dealt with the loss of a woman.

I'd actually like to get together some time and discuss your memories and collections. Maybe for coffee at one of the new Sendik's.

Joel McNally and I are at each other's throats every Friday on Channel 10. When the cameras go off, we're actually good friends.
(Sorry to spoil any wrestling-like story line, folks).

As for Greg, I, too have told him to be more patient and thoughtful before he sends off a testy blog or e-mail. Maybe he'll listen to you.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

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