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August 07, 2007


Ron Rady

Wind, Rain, Snow, Dark of Night.
Bugs, Muggers, Drunks.
Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall. Heat, Humidity, A/C and Music.
Boots, Raincoats, Umbrella's, Bike Racks, Back Packs, Book Bags, Lunch Boxes, Water bottles,
Purses, Carry all's.
Retail is about sales of Merchandise?
How much can a person walking or riding carry or pull?
What percent of people who love to walk where they want to go (and can) will not drive it?. I say they will walk or ride 5% of the time. What is the most important thing to nearly all 16 year olds? Its not roller blades.

John Michlig

Worry not - it's not paths and sidewalks INSTEAD OF roads; it's IN ADDITION TO.

What is the most important thing to nearly all 16 year olds? Well, AFTER the more obvious answer, I think he's referring to CARS.

Guess what? Make it possible for them to get to work and social activities on foot and by good, safe public transportation, and you take THOUSANDS of statistically deadly drivers off the road. We're killing our kids with the whole "gotta have a car" mind-set - - which is based on sprawled development conditions.

Also, we have to start weaning ourselves from the car because these artificially low (yes, LOW) gas prices won't last forever.

Fear not "Wind, Rain, Snow, Dark of Night, Bugs, Muggers, Drunks, Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, Heat, Humidity, A/C and Music(?)," Mr. Rady. Well-traveled public places make for SAFE places. And overcoat technology is better now than it has ever been.

Want REAL fear? Try watching your child attempt to traverse a sidewalk-less road just to get to school. Or observe your dear Aunt Anne as she attempts to pilot her walker from the new Target Store to the Starbucks that is positioned across a void of uninterrupted asphalt.

And realize that, if and when pedestrian conditions are improved, your choice is never taken away; you can continue to drive to your heart's content.

Bryan Maersch

The "goat path" or "cow lanes" are all our children have to and from our subdivision "High View Estates" which is just behind the High School. The kids come home with muddy or soaking feet as they make their way through the path. We are saving city and school system the costs of not transporting our children to or from school plus cutting back on pollution the buses cause. The least thing that could be done is to pave the path. The only other alternative is for the kids to walk on the side of the road of 51st street and take their chances of getting hit by cars. This is poor planning by our city engineers. In contrast, we can push to spend 78 million to give our children a new High School with multiple playing fields, a stage and 4 new gyms, but not a sidewalk to keep them safe!

Greg Kowalski

I agree with Bryan on this. There should be better transportation methods around the schools in our community.

I remember taking that cruddy path when I was in high school 2 years ago to go to a friend's house. Muddy doesn't cut it - it is almost like a swamp, and thus students would NOT use the simple path, but rather use their car and spend the extra 10 minutes of parking in the parking lot that's almost 6 blocks distance from the school at its farthest end.

If there was better sidewalks and paths planned out, perhaps the school district wouldn't be concerned with trying to find out where to put additional parking spaces - a big complaint of students that only seems to get bigger since there's more children in FPS thanks to all the new subdivisions being built like Walgreens on a good fiscal year...ALL OVER THE PLACE!

It's amazing when you realize just how many people live in the subdivisions behind the high school and across 51st Street from the high school. One wonders how many children actually live within walking distance of most schools in FPS but parents don't want them walking in the street to go to school.

Ron Rady

Many people get married and then find out that the things they thought love would change never do. They then say that they made a mistake and abandon ship. Don't buy or build thinking that things will be what you hope them to. Buy or build where they already are what you deem idealistic. I admire your desire to plan well. I want everything I want too. Who will pay for it? We do not have a financial crisis in our country, we have a thinking crisis. Lottery tickets, cigarettes, Latte, Liquor, fast food burgers at $12.00 lb.$3.00 bottle water.. School as a social institution, not a learning institution. We pay people not to work and we get people who don’t work. We want Peace with out war and the ability to protest or oppose war comes only through war. We see as rights (me included) as those things that I want. Rights truly are what you would be willing to die to preserve for all men. I am as self-centered as most. (more then many) It is not the work of or the fault of others that I have what I want. It is likely your fault that you don’t. Move to where you will have what you want. Remember that you take yourself with you. Champion your causes. (I admire your ambition) The issue becomes you forcing on others what you feel they should have and then making them pay for it. What makes your rights more important then theirs? Because they don’t think or care about some things (or at least not like you) you feel they must have what you want. You want them for neighbors by living there. Why not choose to live in Middleton. Those that really know say that is the best place to live. I think they make them selves happy living in the ideal of what really is but never can be. Does that mean the other communities suck and so do the idiots (me) that live there make it suck. Property tax is not really property tax. You do not own your land. It is only rent. If the community decides that you should do with your land what they want they will make you pay for it. Run for office (or from it) , form your own government or over throw the one that is in place. Just remember that all government starts with self-government. I do not force my ways on others. I really don’t like others doing that to me. (even if I’m not smart enough to know what is good for me) I love the freedom of speech that allows me to say it. Those that are intelligent in the use of words may cause me to rethink things. Why is Middleton soooo great??? Because I don’t live there. I can if I want. I chose not to. Change the things you can. It may even be the way I think, if you try hard enough it may be the way you think. Change where you live, if you try hard enough you may change where others don’t live. The government we have now made lots of laws against that. We can’t say it but we definitely choose it. What will happen when you can’t? War? Love your neighbors or chose to live near ones you can. Just don’t call it discrimination. When we can rid the world of Sexual predators discrimination and guns our children will be safe to walk, skate or ride anywhere we dog gone well want them to. (with helmets, wrist and knee pads of course)

People are building houses in Franklin that are in the highest income brackets in the Midwest. Do you think they will make their kids walk? Why do they have 4 car garages? Could someone who spends $500,000.00 for a house put on a $150,000.00 lot spend $3000.00 on sidewalks ? They are spending money to live where they want. It’s not the big city. They love the car. Should McDonalds close their drive thru’s. Walgreen’s, M&I or even Applebee’s have capitalizes on the stupid people that drive cars. Why pave and light and plow a parking lot when we can own ½ the land and do twice the business? To those dumb gas users. Provoke my thinking. I challenge you. Show me how to legislate common sense. Don’t take away my rights. Many great people died for a dream. I hope you find yours. Find it where others think like you and like you and you like them. Don’t get west-nile virus from those mosquitoes that live in those ponds that you build all your sidewalks around. Don’t’ let anyone spray anything to stop the mosquitoes that might make your kids sick so that they wont get sick walking where they need to because their family cant afford a car because you have taxed them to death to give them your idea of safety and quality of life. Answer them why the Jones have a car and we don’t. Check the crime rate along bus lines and communities that have sidewalks, then decide to live there yourself. Ask your self: why don’t our public School teachers live near the Schools they teach at our send their own children to public Schools? What is the real Crisis in our country? We (I) have not learned to see anything past what will please me short term. You don’t have to be old to be wise, and you don’t have to be young to be foolish. You just have to think you are more important and smarter then me.

John Michlig

Mr. Rady, I can't say I disagree with EVERYTHING you write, but certain elements of your comments reveal much about the malaise we are slipping into.

This statement is most interesting:
"...their family cant afford a car because you have taxed them to death."

You can be assured of this fact: The current regressive tax scheme in America means that the above scenario has nothing to do with reality. Try ""...their family can't afford a THIRD car because you have taxed them to death." You have simply accepted the right wing lie regarding our tax burden.

Ron Rady

They can afford it. They have cable, cell phones, and every modern conceivable desire. We are not overtaxed. We allow it to be spent on the things we want rather then what we need. Back to the thinking crisis (my own included) it's not a lie, it's a misunderstood truth. We have been overtaxed for the wrong things
Want vs. Need
Right vs. Privilage

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