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August 25, 2007


Bryan Maersch

Just one thing I would add John.

1) Target would never have agreed to a Multi-story, multi-family housing and/or apartments sharing their drive.

2) In talking to one of the Planning Commissioners he stated that a single family residents is allowed in the Civic Center zoning.

3) The Rausch’s most likely could have struck a better deal with MEC if they had sold him the whole property.

John Michlig

Well, that was actually THREE things :).

RE #1: You are incorrect. Target has no jurisdiction in the matter, as multi-story, multi-family housing and/or apartments would not share their drive. Another case where SITE PLAN is so very important

RE #2: "Allowed" is not the same as "best use" - - would you agree?

RE #3: I agree with you wholeheartedly!

On the plus side, the Rausches are apparently pleased with the outcome, and there is value in that.

Greg  Kowalski

If I can add, why are we only solely talking Target? While I understand that Target is the main anchor presently proposed - we shouldn't limit ourselves to solely what Target thinks.

I think this could be another example of letting developers and multi-billion dollar corporations yanking the City around where it needs to.

Obviously the community needs to be the primary concern over what the developers and/or corporations think.

John Michlig

Unfortunately, I think we need to accept the fact that this is now mainly a Target development.

Mark Carstensen seemed to repeatedly concede this at the last Plan Commission meeting - - - after previously talking about how Franklin can count on high quality in a "Mark Carstensen development."

Target calls the shots. Target shapes the site plan. Target wields the "we'll pull out" threat. The fact that they see fit to put a Starbucks INSIDE their store shows you how they feel about supporting/augmenting any coffee shop or bakery trying to do business beyond their colossal parking lot.

Greg Kowalski

Well that's great to know, John. How is Franklin supposed to get any decent "upscale" shops now at that development when Target is the macho man over there?

I guess I better panic...Costco could be the next one over at Legend Creek...

Bryan Maersch

RE #1 - As the site plan stands, Target would not have shared their drive with Multi-family.

RE #2 - The Kingdom of Wyndham would have really had a bird if there were affordable muli-family houses built close to the Kingdom. Maybe some of the people who would have family in the "Penitentiary" would not only shop at Target for the cigs and candy for their loved ones but live behind it to be close by to their loved ones!

Sort of like Billy Lee Morfort who really likes to visit the area!

Greg  Kowalski

I don't know Bryan - I've got to know plenty in the "Kingdom of Wyndham" and they're really just ordinary residents that are concerned about what's happening across the street from their homes.

Honestly, I think if I paid well over a half a million dollars for a home I'd be a little concerned about what's going up across the street too.

Residents from the "Kingdom of Wyndham" have said time and again they would have liked to see multi-family housing in that parcel, but were willing to accept retail under the concept plan presented by Mark Carstensen on October 31, 2006. That plan, if anyone views it, is a very nice layout and gives off a very cozy, village feel.

Unfortunately none of this is giving off any cozy or village feelings anymore. I mean, if I got the ringer of a development next to my house I'd be pretty upset too.

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