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August 30, 2007


Greg Kowalski

It should be noted that whenever there seems to be a situation in Franklin, Franklin leaders will almost ALWAYS point their fingers over to Grafton and say, "Well, what do you think of THEIR development?"

In this case, I'd love to have a City official come up to me and ask that question again. Apparently Grafton knows the right way in building its city center - and it knows strip malls aren't the answer.

Does Grafton have any $4 million homes being proposed?

John Michlig

Compare this to where some Franklin senior housing is located - isolated from any community amenities. The condos on 51st street are pretty bleak in terms of any sort of access to ANYTHING.

Imagine, for instance, senior housing behind the "Shoppes" Target, with suitable screening from the loading docks. The residents would have relatively easy access to public space, rather than being banished to the hinterlands.

Greg  Kowalski

Also imagine walkways connecting The Shoppes, the Aurora medical center, and possible senior apartments - even Brenwood Park.

Unfortunately the City is very against walk-bridges. They use the walk-bridge in Greendale as an example. Yes, it might be a tacky looking item, but that's not the only option the City has for constructing such a thing.

This can be all part of how terribly the City is failing its residents on creating a worthwhile, downtown Franklin atmosphere and instead creating a bunch of non-cohesive projects hodge-podged together.

Franklin residents need to send out an SOS...

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