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September 24, 2007


John Z Wetmore

For a look at last year's Walk to School Day in Delaware, see my tv series this week. Here's the info:

Tuesday, September 25, The Universityhouse Channel will show Episode 128 of "Perils For Pedestrians".

Contents of Episode 128 (2007):
--We attend Walk to School Day in Delaware.
--We learn about Starkville in Motion in Starkville, Mississippi.
--We look at pedestrian safety at a highway interchange in Raleigh, North Carolina.
--We visit Broadway in Saratoga Springs, New York.

DISH Network Channel 9411 -- The Universityhouse Channel
Tuesday -- 9:30 PM Eastern, 6:30 Pacific

Episode 128 is also available on Google Video:

Note: Public access cable channels are showing different episodes than DISH Network.

Thank you.

Bryan Maersch

Kids who live in High View Estates which is right behind Franklin High School have three choices.
1) Take the bus one block.

2) Go all the way around the block that has no sidewalks except in the High View Estates subdivision.

3) Walk on a sometimes muddy, sometimes snow drifted, sometimes mosquito infested non-paved path that connects with High View drive which comes to an abrupt stop from the subdivision side at the back of the High School property.

Great planning!

Where was the planning commission when High View estates were platted by O'Malley Development LLC back in the mid-90s?


You're right Bryan - it's utter madness.

I remember well my route to and from school back in Wausau. It's a whole aspect of life that is missing from kids' lives today: the conversations; being able to stop at the Drug Store for a gumball; the great smell of Zillman's Meat Market as you passed by, etc.

Furthermore, kids are not learning HOW to deal with traffic - - and with Franklin's dismal developer-driven roadways (no sidewalks, no shoulders, no walking paths, no connectivity, crazy crosswalks at intersections, etc.), I doubt many parents are in a hurry to let their children travel more than a quarter mile in any direction without resorting to a car.

Very sad - - but outstanding for OPEC and Big Oil.

Shoppes at Wyndham Village continues the sad pattern, I'm afraid. The elderly in particular will find their access limited due to the dismal site design, and connectivity to the library and points east via Drexel seems to be of relatively low priority.

And we've already discussed the new Sendik's at Rawson and 51st - - nice store, but zero non-vehicular access


It gets worse. The city is planning to destroy a wooded path from Countryside Estates to Pleasant View school by extending two streets. This is the only safe route for kids in the area to walk or bike ride to school and now the city wants to take that away and make us pay for it!

Greg  Kowalski

I just hope residents remember these various points when next April comes around...

How else can things change in our "quiet" community?

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