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September 10, 2007


Josh Strupp

At this point in the project, are there any possibilities of further changes to the Shoppes layout? I'm assuming that the time has passed for Commissioner Haley's comments to be taken into consideration for additional changes to the siteplan?

Your take on Greg's efforts on this project are right on. He should be proud of what he's accomplished for this project and the community as a whole. Judging by the rather abrreviated, dismissive responses from the Franklinnow posse, I think it's clear that something important was achieved.

John Michlig

The SITE PLAN was approved some time ago, unfortunately. We can only hope that somewhere down the line another developer comes in and overhauls it. In 2016 or so.

Greg  Kowalski

Thanks, Josh for the uplifting comments. Too bad you weren't one of the bloggers on FranklinNOW.com!

I guess people like you, John, and myself are members of that big 'ol "Lollypop Guild!" - for whatever's that worth. I think that was to mock the Franklin residents, I don't know. What do you think...

Josh Strupp

Maybe he's upset he didn't get invited to join. Maybe if he asks really nicely, you might consider it? Coach.

Greg  Kowalski

Well if these other bloggers would have been at least half considerate of what Franklin residents were truly trying to accomplish I'd consider forgiving them.

Unfortunately all you hear almost 24/7 is something absolutely negative. I mean, even when the residents got a better-looking Target, their camp goes on and on saying how the naysayers lost and the Lollypop Guild is holding a ceremony!

I'm sure if I would have done that with the failed referenda I woulda been shot down so bad verbally, I just might have had to step down as a blogger. Who knows!

At least I can credit John here on his very own blog as being upfront and honest. John - you do a magnificent job here, I just wish you were a little more blunt at times! The Franklin blogosphere needs it.

John Michlig

Thanks, Greg.

"More blunt"? I thing the blogosphere is blunt enough already without me adding to the mud fight!

Greg Kowalski

I don't think there's mud involved, John. I see a lot more missiles and rockets being fired in my direction instead.

Trust me, I'd prefer the mud! I'm sick of having to shoot down the nonsense every time someone decides to get in a huff.

I wonder if I can become the Coach of FranklinNOW.com's bloggers. Now THAT would be interesting...

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