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October 08, 2007


Bryan Maersch

Is it just me or does Sendiks look more like an office building than a grocery store?

Bryan Maersch

Is it just me or does Sendiks look more like an office building than a grocery store?

Greg  Kowalski

Bryan - was that supposed to be a positive comment or a negative comment?

I recall a certain alderman who said the same thing at the meeting when this building was approved by the Plan Commission.

Josh Strupp

It is an office building too correct? I don't know. Maybe I just don't have an eye for architecture but it seems kind of plain jane. Don't get me wrong, it could be MUCH worse but I'm not jumping out of my seat on this one. I'm excited to have a retailer like Sendik's in town though.


To be fair, it's not finished.

However, wait until you see the sides of the building that don't face Rawson or 51st - - pretty dismal.

Greg Kowalski

Wow - if people think FOF Sendik's is that bad, then I'm more than happy I worked to get a better looking Target building at Wyndham Village.

The Target proposed originally would have probably made a lot of you upset, I'm sure.


The facade is fine. The problems are with site design (bare walls and a loading dock presented to the neighborhood behind it) and the fact that the parking lot runs hard up against the building for the most part, largely negating outdoor seating and seasonal sales (which the city has inexplicably barred at that location).

I'll have more Sendik's pictures and commentary next week, including some perspectives from the subdivision next door.

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