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December 26, 2007



I was out in Charlotte just a week or so before the new line opened and it was amazing to see that TOD projects had already sprung up close to most of the stations.

I took a bunch of photos... take a look


Thanks, Dave - I'll post a link immediately.

I swear, if the U.S. was forward looking in any way, shape or form we would be spending enormous amounts of money laying the new transit infrastructure in order to A) Prepare for the downhill side of peak oil and, B) Lay waste to the OPEC stranglehold.

But, we are worried more about our current property taxes than our future as a crippled, gas-addicted nation.

And the current administration is deep in the pocket of big oil, to say the least.


Oh I agree in fact the way the federal government has given grants for various transportation projects in this past year basically cut out the economic development portion of the request so it is now just about cost... This is hurting many major rail projects that are attempting to gain financing right now.

Yea I believe we will see $200 a barrel soon enough (what's it take a huricane and a war hmm), and people might just start to wake up.


Oh and thanks for the plug!

Property in Norfolk

Was wondering if you could help me. I'm moving to Norwich from Bangor to work next month and was wondering about the "good" places to live. Check out the link above I've taken a gander at and tell me what you think.




I am a Norfolk resident, and it is amazing to see all of the projects that are starting to develop along our light rail line. We are hoping that very soon they will extend the line to the Navy base, being the largest Navy base in the world, where approximately 200,000 people work. Which brings me to your comments above - "So surely it'll be a disaster in little ol' Norfolk, VA, a small conservative city of 230,000.". Some would call our city conservative, but from my experience of living in many different areas because of the military, this area is not near as conservative as many of the towns in the deeper south. Secondly, while the city of Norfolk only has 230,000 residents, there are approximately 1.7 million people in the metropolitan area. There are 7 cities in our metropolitan area, including Virginia Beach with 450,000 residents. Just wanted to make that correct, as you made us sound like some po-dunk city in the middle of no-where!

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