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December 11, 2007



No way Suburban Alderman Bohl voted against this resolution. I would of never guessed!

Bryan Maersch

Rail will only work if you make it cheap and convenient.


Correct, Bryan.

But, it's not "cheap" to make it cheap. We have to subsidize an OPEC-taming transit system to the extent that we now subsidize freeways and roadways.

Yes, you read that right. BILLIONS of dollars. And worth every cent to end our blood relationship with the Middle East.

Imagine OPEC's horror if they saw the United States begin to purposefully change the equation.

Unfortunately, our current administration is beholden to American and multinational oil companies and related interests that benefit mightily from the current meat grinder we find ourselves in.

Don't think that's true? I'll start a whole new topic here and the Bushies can attempt to tell me where I'm wrong. The audacity of this administration is such that they don't even bother to deny it.

Let's hope sanity prevails before you and I reach an age where we are too old to safely drive. I want to be able to get around regardless of my age or personal mobility.

Right now, you are doomed to the couch once you reach a certain age. Franklin - - and the whole Milwaukee region - - is off limits to you; you travel at the whims of the senior citizen bus program.

Not much to look forward to.

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