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December 31, 2007



Speaking of cryptic -- what does "a local private university" mean? Why not just give the name of the school?

John Michlig

Cardinal Stritch. Employers, beware that name on applicant resumes for positions that require some depth of knowledge in business and economics.

somewhere in the middle

Serious misuses of logic in her articles...seriously? What an idiot. I understand her point of view and I respect it, but her evidence is a joke for someone with a PhD...

John Michlig

No - someone who ALMOST has a Ph.D.

Remember, "Barbara Fischer Ph.D. A.B.D." (A.B.D = "All but dissertation")

Terrence Berres

"She's apparently never heard of the GI Bill..."

Wasn't her point the source of the money for this or any other government program?




To be clear: A.B.D. means that she took courses.

Oh, and apparently got good enough grades to go forward.

But she didn't, and she hasn't.

Josh Strupp

Is it just me or does it seem like the conversation between Mrs. Fischer and her class is, in actuality, a discussion between Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Fischer? Geez, I'm now dumber for having read her column. God help us if that was a lesson in conservative economics.

John Michlig

You're right, Josh - she does no favors for her profession or anyone who shares her ideology.


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