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January 22, 2008


Mull Mott

However, I must say, the one thing I agree with this clown on is the fact that gas taxes will work better than fuel standards. I don't care so much how efficient someone's car is if they don't use it all the time. With higher gas taxes we'll see more investment in transit and pressure will be put on developers to start building communities where walking is possible. The developers have made the problem much worse than the car manufacturers...

John Michlig

I wouldn't count out higher gas taxes, either. The point is, SOMETHING has to happen to wake these people up to the fact that gas is at artificially low prices now and WON'T be forever.

Bryan Maersch

I am glad he did not pursue the subject that the State of Wisconsin is in a panic because retail spending has gone down and the collection of sales taxes have too. This of course due to increase energy costs which have spurned higher, food, heating and other major consumer costs.

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