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January 12, 2008


Greg Kowalski


I will admit I'm rather disturbed with just your preview.

What did our Common Council do?

Josh Strupp

I'll tell you what they did. They "trusted" that Carstenson would do the right thing rather than set clear, concise perameters for this developement. As a result, the developer has free reign and everyone loses.....well almost everyone.

John Michlig

Frankly, I don't even see the developer as the "villain" here. His position in the equation is to make money, and we can't blame him for constructing the best possible deal, using the most persuasive language he could muster, etc.

It's the job of Franklin city administration to hold him to standards IN SPITE OF any personal or political relationships that exist.

Josh Strupp


Greg Kowalski

Yeah but the huge thing that seems to be overlooked is the promises that were made by the DEVELOPER, not the Council, when his project was first presented to the public.

Yes, the Council does hold the bag on this one ultimately, because they allowed the developer to easily break his promises and give residents the finger whenever he felt like it.

As I've always said with this project, it was a "make or break" moment for the pro-development Council.

They broke it so terribly, I don't think they can clean up every piece of this mess.

Bryan Maersch

As I have said before.

We still have alternatives for a Civic Center that could be developed with the Fountains of Franklin.

The Civic Center, does not have to be in what is now deemed the Civic Center area. We have a Cultural Performing Art's Center project in the works now.

How perfect would that be, to have our Civic Center be based on a Cultural Arts Center rather than a dilapidated City Hall and an area which you are saying will be determined by a retail company out of Minnesota.

This could be our "Civic Center". City Hall will eventual have to be rebuilt and there is still land along Rawson to get this done also.

Greg Kowalski

OK - so why did we bother spending oodles of tax dollars to build a new law enforcement center and library in this "Civic Center District" if in reality Franklin REALLY meant to put the "civic" district someplace else?

The FCAC is only one cultural center that's not even finalized yet. It still could move.

And are you suggesting that the people of Franklin scrap City Hall and build a brand new one along Rawson, which by the way isn't probably the best spot due to the fact that Rawson is only 1 mile from the Greendale border...

Ya know, isn't this what people who opposed the School Board wanted - to keep FHS as-is and just renovate it?

Sorry if I sound a tad upset here, but that was just completely ridiculous...especially when it almost sounds like a consession. What would happen if FOF developers sell their land to a retailer like Costco and then they begin dictating various things? Should we then say, "Oops! Time to create another new CC District!"??

Josh Strupp

Your points are well taken Greg. Unfortunately, Brian is correct that Fountains will need to be our "civic center" if we are going to have one at all. The Wyndam development has been botched and the best we can hope for in that development is a respectable retail location.

I can't believe that after all the oversight this thing has gotten, the finished product is going to be a SuperTarget and a parking lot.

John Michlig

Well, there's OVERSIGHT and there's "oversight."

Would that our aldermen have paid as close attention to, and been as critical toward SHOPPES as they were toward Sendik's at FOUNTAINS.

Bryan Maersch

You are right again as usual Greg; let’s blame this all on the pro-development Council and that satanic developer Mark Carstensen. In addition we can spend oodles of money suing the Target Corporation. How about a new slogans “Take Back Franklin"! or "We're Franklin Wisconsin not Franklin Minisota"!

Greg Kowalski

Yeah, Bryan...let's blame them for once! You seem to place a ton of blame on others when you see it to be fit (aka School Board). Why are you letting the Council and the developer get away with this? Not even a slap on the wrist, Bryan?

I guess it goes to show how much you care about the community at large. It seems to go as far as your wallet.

Josh, the Fountains of Franklin being our civic center...with only a Cultural Arts Center that's not even finalized on location? I don't know what to say...at least you join in the frustration many Franklin residents will be having after reading this (and the other) entry.

Bryan Maersch


You forget - Much like the President - "Greg is the DECIDER"

Greg - When you start paying taxes - Then you can put YOUR money where your mouth is.

Greg Kowalski

I certainly wouldn't be proud of being a greedy individual, Bryan.

That's not who I am. The community is more important to me, and I will guarantee it will ALWAYS be.

Those that know me personally would have no problems in agreeing with that.

Oh, and I do put my money where my mouth is - plenty of times. Just because I don't pay property taxes doesn't mean I don't pay no taxes at all.

Bryan Maersch

Again Greg you resort to name calling.

You are right though, if providing a nice home, and a good life for my family is greedy, then I am the greediest SOB in Franklin.

People that KNOW ME, feel I am looking out for the best of the community.

Heck - even you have suggested I run for school board because of my concern for the community.

And when it comes to taxes Greg, I do pay, State, Federal, and local. That would include 19 years of property taxes and 34 years of income taxes.

John Michlig

I think Greg was aiming the "greedy" tag elsewhere, Bryan. His inference, I believe, is that the developer feathered his own nest at the cost of a better, long-view development for the community.

Greg Kowalski

Thank you, John.

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