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January 17, 2008



Peter Bell the developer, when he first bought Wispark's (and James Klauser, aka Tommy's brain),development rights, he assured the locals that this would be a world class project and his personal philosophy was to build to the land and not on it.

Moving heavy equipment onto an environmental corridor typifies the entire Pabst Farm project-Take the TIF money and put anything on this parcel and don't bother with the particulars

John Michlig

Developers must swap 3X5 cards with these aphorisms ("world class project")that are routinely deployed to calm the locals.

That's certainly what we get here in Franklin.

Native American Activist

I think this is great news. It is not too hard to be considerate of Native American sacred sites when doing a development project - as long as the sites are identified. In fact, if incorporated properly, I think they can really add to the project's overall aesthetic appeal. Incorporating history brings the past into the present.

John Michlig

Great news IF they actually follow up on what they promise. Remember, it took an appeal from archaeologists to get the developer to take basic steps to protect the sites.

Bryan Maersch

Wow - When my son was in Scouts even walking on the mounds at Indian Mound was discouraged out of respect.

John Michlig

Hard to believe that there was no way to mark the borders of these mounds and work around them.

And hard to believe they CARED to do so given how easy such a step would have been.

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