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January 10, 2008


Bryan Maersch

It is very sad that both candidates for Mayor are touting these as election issues when Franklin has much bigger issues to discuss.

What will happen next, they both release statements on what they found going through each others garbage cans?

John Michlig

I'd like to see the entire text of the Mayor's letter (and have a request in for it).

I can't imagine under what context he would include a statement like “I made approximately $104,000 per year in my last year of service (with Milwaukee County), and based on my almost 30 years of service I currently receive a annual pension of about $61,000.”

Very odd. And tough to reconcile with fiscal conservatives who want to support Mayor Taylor.

Bryan Maersch

Considering the alternative, a businessman who has a history of making bad decisions, suing everyone, then using the city to pay his expenses. On top of that, a man who was publicly rude to constituents at council meetings. I will take Mayor Taylor any day.

A simple Google search provides more than enough reason not to vote for Basil Ryan.

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