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January 11, 2008


Josh Strupp

"'Retailers dictate where they go,' said Tim Bruce, executive vice president for development services for Developers Diversified. When pressed on the issue of shifting the site plan, he flatly told Mayor Maury Sullivan and the rest of the commission, 'We know our business better than you do.'"

I wonder who has the upper hand in this one?

"Sullivan said that while the request for a shift in the site plan to reduce the visual impact of the big-box stores got a chilly reception from the developers so far, he HOPED they would make the change."

...and I HOPE I have the winning powerball in my back pocket right now.

John Michlig

You ain't seen nothing yet. I've just obtained a copy of an agreement between Target and local developer Mark Carstensen that'll make your head spin.

Josh Strupp

...and probaby disgusted too.

Greg Kowalski

I look forward to the agreement being shown.

I'd bet $2,664,000 that Josh will be extremely disgusted that the community got the shaft.

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