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January 14, 2008


Josh Strupp

Truly a shame, not for what Carstenson or Target has done to this part of our community but for what our comunity has done to itself. After watching this episode play out in front of our very eyes, is it no wonder that the 27th cooridor plans seem laughable to people who know better? Can you imagine how screwed up that part of our community will become as our city fights tooth and nail with Oak Creek for whatever development scraps come along along? Thanks for your hard work John. I really appreciate you're dedication to a subject that I would otherwise not be as well informed about. I know that's of little importance now but hopefully our community will think twice in the future about the developer doing whats "right" for Franklin and holding our elected officials responsible for the blind faith they've shown the developer in this instance.

I won't hold my breath though.

Bryan Maersch

It's a good thing some people worked to get the Target store to blend architecturally with Sendiks.

Now it will be easier for Target to turn annex Sendiks.

John Michlig

Let's root for Sendik's to succeed.

Hey, if the Giants can beat the Cowboys ...

Greg Kowalski

You know what? I have been standing opposed to the Target since Day 1, as were the residents directly across the street from the darn thing. What were we called? Elitists. Enviornmental "wack-jobs." Snobs. Anti-senior citizen. Anti-development. So-on and so-forth. Where were your objections, Bryan? Where were you during this entire process? Oh yes, rooting for the developer and your newfound friends on the Council, like you still are today.

The best we could do in the meetings we attended and held was to get a better facade so our community wouldn't be completely dumped on.

Would I have liked to see our Plan Commission and Common Council demand that Target go elsewhere? Absolutely - heck I'm on record saying that multiple times. But we couldn't get them, or the developer, to budge. Not even an inch.

So we had to settle for the next best thing - even if that's not what we truly wanted.

Is it the community's fault? To a certain degree, yes. We did elect those in City Hall that made the terrible decisions because they were bought and paid for. Hopefully we learned our lesson(s) and can move on.

History repeating itself? Oh boy.

Bryan Maersch

Take deep breaths Greg and let them out slowly.

Now admit it, you got fooled too!

John Michlig

It really comes down to APATHY. Enough people don't care about this sort of thing - until it affects their own back yard - that we'll see these sorts of projects go up for years to come unless someone at the city administration level takes the bull by the horns.

Fred Keller

John, you hit the nail on the head.

Mull Mott

Pure visual vomit. Franklin is lost. Another wasted strip mall hell. Extra minus points for using the word "Shoppes".

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