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January 26, 2008


Josh Strupp

What's most troubling about this meeting is that apparently the Mayor wanted to focus more on the availability of the document rather the it's contents. Sounds like a diversion tactic the way you tell it. Do you know if there was any talk about the document itself other than the Mayor's accusations that your take was "wrong"?

P.S. Was this meeting a private meeting between Wyndham Hills residents and the mayor or a hush, hush public meeting between the two parties so as to keep the topic out of the public eye? Either way, this whole thing lacks transparency and reeks of cronyism.


Again, I have meeting details second-hand, but one person WAS forced to leave because the mayor didn't want there to be the appearance of an official city meeting.

Also, to my knowledge, the document WAS NOT PRESENT at the meeting, and no one asked me for a copy. In fact, the insinuation was made that I'd read or had access only to the few pages that I posted - which is, of course, preposterous.

And how interesting is it that the Carstensen VP didn't bother to bring a copy, to go through point by point to show where I am "wrong"? I seriously doubt that they want people to know about this.

Greg Kowalski

I was invited to the meeting and participated in it.

Mr. Michlig is unfortunately rather accurate in the details of the meeting. Nobody got a chance to review the full document, because yes - the VP of Carstensen Construction (invited by Mayor Taylor) didn't even bother to bring a copy with him.

By the time the meeting was over - 2 hours later - a participant noted how disgusted my face was, and that's something to be said because I rarely get THAT disgusted over something.

According to one side of the table, it was all perfectly fine and it could be changed in the future if need-be. We need to remember this: Mark Carstensen Construction, in conjunction with Target Corporation, wants to make Wyndham Village a great "family-oriented" development.

Target red balls and all...

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