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February 12, 2008


Bryan Maersch

Yes, what you say is true John.

But lets make it clear that none of the Best of the Blogs have personal information included. Not the one that Marjorie Pagel had in there, not the one that Janet Evans had in there, not the one that Greg Kowalski had in there.

Why just point this out with Kevin Fischer?

Josh Strupp

Come on Brian, you know better than that.

Because Marjorie, Janet and Greg aren't employed in the public sector as a Legislative Aid to a State Senator.

John Michlig

It's all about context.

However, Marjorie Pagel's early career as a CIA counter-operative should be mentioned in columns where she argues for the morality of assassination as foreign policy.

John Michlig

Just kidding about Marjorie :)

Bryan Maersch

Come on guys. You know what I am saying.

In print, they are not including the profiles that are included in the NOW site.

I repeat, JS is not just excluding Kevin's bio, but all the blog writers for NOW.

Admit it John, the way your blog is written. It sounds like they are making an exception for Kevin by not putting his bio which links him as an assistant to Mary.

Although I believe Marjorie's blog about Billy the Brownie could have a hidden meaning to the Nazi's. :)

Just kidding too Marjorie.

John Michlig

I have to disagree with you in the strongest possible terms about Fischer's bias and the fact that it needs to be acknowledged.

And, yes, the way my blog is written is intended to shame the editors at CNI-NOW. They dropped the ball, and it looks more and more like they did/do it consciously.

Josh Strupp

Brian, I agree that it appears that they weren't excluding Kevin's bio. on purpose. I just have a bit of an issue when something like this isn't fully disclosed to the reader, regardless if it was a conscience effort on the part of CNI-NOW.

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