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February 14, 2008


Greg Kowalski

Wow - that's pretty bad.

It's almost like the NOW is trying to prop him up, too.

What a shame.

John Michlig

Pretty bad news. Shameless, actually.

Bryan Maersch

I am guessing that if and when they put Greg's blog about the nature trails on the "Best of the Blogs" they will not mention his commissionership to the Conservation Commission.


John Michlig

Bryan, you make a perfectly good point - and the point I've been trying to make all along. This type of disclosure is not limited to partisan government employees; it also goes for persons like Greg should he comment on issues that impact the Environmental Commission.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a wink-and-a-smile understanding between Fischer and NOW that conceals his true agenda and, ultimately, robs the NOW paper of its objectivity and relevance.

Greg Kowalski


I would be perfectly comfortable with the NOW publishing my role as Commissioner if they post a blog entry of mine that has to do with environmental matters.

Bryan Maersch


Has NOW or the HUB ever been relevant. The one writer that they have is irrelevant most of the time. Most of the FranklinNOW bloggers have all ready written about the issues.

It took Janet Evans to publish interviews with the School Board candidates that actually had any meat to them.

Have you ever read a HUB or NOW printed page and said "Aha now that is investigation journalism"?

You talk about the wink-and-a-smile understanding with Fischer. That is how all their writing is dealing with Franklin politicians. No there is no relevance to what they write it's plain vanilla tripe.

After all this time. Does it surprise you?

They don't even have something as simple as the Semester 1 honor roll published for Franklin High School.

John Michlig

Keep in mind as well that the editor-in-chief, Roger Bartel, can decide WHAT gets printed and what details to leave in or take out.

REMEMBER THAT: It will be relevant in a posting I make in the very near future.

Relevant or not, the paper gets into houses and has the power to influence public opinion. And with power comes responsibility, as Spider-Man taught us.

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