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March 19, 2008


Josh Strupp

Sweet. This will give me something to look at in between driving, talking on the phone, writing down an address and drinking a cup of coffee on my way to work in the morning.

If the OTB gets one of these you'll probably see my SUV floating in the root river just off I94.

John Michlig

Safety - SO important, until the whiff of a few bucks overrides something so silly as safety.

Wait'll they start running Flash animations on those 'boards ....

Bryan Maersch

This is just as dangerous as the Allan Bradley Clock and temperature.

Kevin Fischer

So, John, do you have a problem, as depicted in the Journal/Sentinel photo, with a billboard that says thank you to the troops?

John Michlig


But I know the Journal Sentinel would have a problem with the idea of allowing free advertising for a product depicted on a billboard they picture in their pages, so their choice for the photo is nice.

Kevin Fischer

Just askin'. You answered.

Welcome to the Support the Troops gang, John.

Greg Kowalski


Great answer to that silly question.

I'm getting more disappointed by the day.

Now, back to the true nature of your blog entry.

I think 8 seconds is a bit too rapid for switching to a new ad. Next thing you know and they'll be asking for the rapid-fire ads that will be going up 1 per second.

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