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March 26, 2008


Steve O


You could have tapped me on my bald head and said hello... what gives?

Fred Keller


I noticed the bald-dude in the back, but who’s the handsome-devil in the second row, RIGHT-side, second seat in?

Great reporting on the Forum. Here are my three favorite lines:

"Where in Franklin is this street where people can stroll and greet one another?"

"Kosovitch faces in Steve Taylor an opponent who appears genetically engineered for local politics."

"Mayor Tom Taylor positively referenced ideas and statements by aldermanic candidate Kristen Wilhelm at least three times in his remarks. I have no note of him referencing incumbent alderman Alan Hammelman…"


Looking forward to Part 2.

Steve O

Second row... let me think.... Bryan Maersch?

Greg Kowalski

I'll never forget that forum...all the FranklinNOW bloggers were sitting next to each other and sharing smiles.

Cheers to the great post, John. I see Fred is also doing a good job covering tax issues.

John Michlig

I sat in back, as is my habit. The better to see who is whispering to whom and who giggles during what particular statements.

Post-forum conversation was lively and won't be soon forgotten.

Steve O, I was so astounded to see all those NOW bloggers (and one NOW alumnus) in one spot that I forgot my manners and didn't disengage long enough to say hello.

One NOW "community blogger" did not deign to attend the forum, however. Maybe THIS event was JUST IN the wrong venue?

He missed a particularly interesting post-forum roundtable discussion ....

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