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March 24, 2008


Bryan Maersch

Was that live or was that Memorex?

Janet Evans

David Works was Memorex

Greg Kowalski

C'mon John, you only did one Live entry - and that one entry was simply an "experiment?"

I was expecting more out of you!

And yes, poor Works was indeed on Memorex.

John Michlig

I was on my iPhone, and it gets tricky keying with my clod-sized fingers. An experiment was all I had patience for - - next time I'll take advantage of the Franklin Library's free wi-fi and deploy the laptop.

John Michlig

Memorex or not, David Works gets my vote.

Bryan Maersch

Ditto on that!

Greg Kowalski

So basically we'll just openly say David Works is our next School Board member!

Janet Evans

Well, David Works and Ed Holpfer are my votes. Remember, I know more of the inside story on them than was in their interviews. But if I told you about it, well, I'd have to...well, you know the rest of the line...

But..It's been said before...when seats become available...any one of these candidates would make fine school board members. Better than what we currently have now.

Kevin Fischer

John, by far, this post was the finest, most outstanding blog you've ever done.


It's certainly in the top 5, I would humbly suggest.

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