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March 27, 2008


Kevin Fischer

John, weren't you all over Mayor Taylor about a spelling error he had on his website?

I'm surprised at you.

If you're on a mission to destroy Alderman Kosovich's chances, you should at least get his name spelled correctly.


Sure hope your TV never needs fixing.

John Michlig

Mr. Fischer is evidently a bit irony-impaired, not seeing the difference between a candidate for mayor misspelling the word "government" and a blogger misspelling someone's last name.

Wow - now that I look back I see I CONSISTENTLY spelled Mr. Kosovich's name wrong in every instance I used it! Thanks for the heads up.

Mayor Taylor alerted me to the possibility that Basil Ryan has "Franklin" misspelled somewhere on his campaign site - he swears it's true. See, THAT might be amusing as well.

Bryan Maersch

I think the guy in your picture taking videos of the candidates is quite the handsome and intelligent guy. You can sense it from your photo.

PS. I was told that Hammelman did not ask all of the other Alderman for an endorsement, which I find even more curious.

Greg Kowalski


You WOULD put that picture up! That's funny.

As for Kevin, it looks like you and him are going to be exchanging errors and mistakes for at least the next 2 months, all rude and inconsiderate-like.

Anyways, good review of that night. The voters sure can't say they didn't know enough about the candidates this year!

Fred Keller


Another excellent piece on the Candidates Forum; great observations.

As for Hammelman's views on keeping his constituents, of which I am one, involved in city government, he might as well have said:

"What, are you all so lazy that you can't check the agenda on the city's website. I can't be bothered with that 'communication' thing, I have a Sheepshead tournament tonight. Sheez, contituents!"

Kevin Fischer

Hey, Greg, there was nothing rude about what I said.

John Michlig chastised me for days about fact-checking.

Well he neglected to fact-check, numerous times, and I couldn't resist needling him in return.

He should know better.

And John, k-a-t is always a spelling error, whether it's made by a Mayor or a blogger.

I'll say this about John, though. His writing is usually free of such errors. Greg, your stuff is a daily parade of spelling and grammatic butchery.

John Michlig

If I spell it wrong once, it's nit-picking. But I spelled it wrong approximately seven times, so that's not merely a typing error.

Misspelling my OWN last name would have been funnier, though.

Kevin Fischer

I tease, but the lengthy post does point out what happens when people get out from behind the campaign literature.

Greg Kowalski

Next time I'll remember that you have an apparent Masters degree in English, Kevin.

John Michlig

Greg, that would be better written:

"Next time I'll remember that you, Kevin, apparently have a Masters degree in English."

You have an indistinct modifier in your version, because the "Masters degree" is not "apparent"; it is Kevin's possession of same that you wish to describe as "apparent."


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