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March 31, 2008


Greg Kowalski

Package deal? ABSOLUTELY!

I honestly think, though, that Tom Taylor is regretting this whole "I'm endorsing my buddies" attitude of his when the campaigns first started.

John Michlig

I've not heard Tom Taylor endorse either Al Hammelman or Pete Kosovich. He's also distanced himself (wisely) from the dubious "Franklin Citizens for Responsible Leadership" group that stacked the council in the first place.

Bryan Maersch

To my disappointment, the 5th District is missing out on these extra sheets of toilet paper.

Greg Kowalski


I've talked to Tom one-on-one about this, as have others. When asked, Tom states his endorsements of the incumbents.

That's why you see Tom's literature stapled to Al's material. It's also why whenever you see a sign for Al, you see a sign for Tom. That was also a "package deal."

Bryan, if you'd like to have some of the literature, let me know! We didn't toss ours in the trash yet!!

Terrence Berres

Due to either too many bagels or too much sheepshead, Mr. Ryan's robocalls denounced this as a "schmeer campaign".


Hmmmm - Al Hammelman's campaign literature mentions sheepshead ....

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