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March 16, 2008


Bryan Maersch


The little girl used in Basil Ryan's mailer is now a 18 year old voter and plans on voting for Tom Taylor.

The father pictured here could not stand all the lawsuits brought by Ryan and has since committed suicide!

John Michlig


Why can't the dad shave? TAXES ARE TOO HIGH!

Greg Kowalski

Considering your big beef on taxes, Bryan, I would have expected to see you in the Ryan camp!

Josh Strupp

"You see, sweetie, developers have run rampant on the city's current administration, and we're paying the price now. So go say your goodbyes to Rover and we'll do the fiscally responsible thing."

Almost fell right out of my chair on that one. Damn that's funny.

John Michlig

Funny, yet the sad element of truth is there.

Greg Kowalski

Too bad Basil didn't toss in a few developers' faces standing in front of their McMansions!

That would have been classic.

Bryan Maersch


Judging by your blogs, looks like you are kissing everyones posterior.

Afraid of loosing your EC post?

Bryan Maersch

I expected to see a picture of Greg Kowalski with his arms around Basil saying,"He will protect us from those axis of evil developers, he took me to lunch and promised me."

Greg Kowalski

Bryan, Bryan, Bryan!

You can't answer a question without slamming me? I feel so bad for you!!

I'm a very friendly guy to talk with, Bryan. Ask either candidate.

Greg Kowalski

Oh, and Bryan - Steve Olson was the one who took me out to have a coffee break.

Bryan Maersch

Yes Greg "Considering your big beef on taxes, Bryan, I would have expected to see you in the Ryan camp!"
is such a positive comment.

Don't feel bad for me. Both candidates had intersting things to say about you!

Greg Kowalski

I'm sure they did! I wouldn't expect anything less of them...


John - your link to Tom Taylor's website points to Basil's website instead.

Basil's website does look nice, I'll give him that. There isn't much substance there though. I have been looking periodically for weeks, and he still hasn't posted anything in the "issues" area of his site. Here we are, 2 weeks before the election and he hasn't yet decided what his issues will be. I understand his point about spending and taxes over the last few years, but what else does he stand for???? Taylor's website on the other hand has a lot more substance.

Picking Basil Ryan over Tom Taylor based on the look their websites, is like saying McDonalds has a better hamburger than Solly's because McDonald's looks nicer from the outside. And really, who cares if government is spelled wrong? Lets focus on what is important here - issues, not superficial things like whose website is slicker and who remembered to use the spell checker.

John Michlig

Thanks for the heads up, Raymond.

"And really, who cares if government is spelled wrong?"

Well, there is the irony of running for a GOVERNMENT post where you imply that your ATTENTION TO DETAIL is one of the traits that makes you the better candidate, etc.

But I agree; it's certainly not the central issue by a long shot. And it's fixed now!

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