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April 23, 2008


Scott Thinnes

"Boomgaard" - It's unique alright. They've got to be kidding! This will set us apart nationally. Keep saying that eventually you will believe it. The rest of the nation will be saying "there go those cheeseheads again - anah hey. I know, street lights - shaped like wind mills.

This name will probably last as long as Robert McDonald Drive did.

I like the way the PR firm press release uses the name in almost every sentence. Maybe they haven't even heard it enough yet to develop a liking.

Can we get our money back?

John Michlig

If we're lucky, it'll simply become "27th Street" or "Orchard District" on its own.

I thought Boomgaard was what you call those concrete blockades around the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Greg Kowalski

The comments left the people of Franklin (and one from Cudahy and one from Brookfield) are hilarious in regards to this.

Please tell me the new Council members will do SOMETHING...ANYTHING...to get this changed!

Fred Keller


I thinke you're right about the Green Zone thing.

How about "Green Apple Zone"?

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