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April 16, 2008


Bryan Maersch

I think Common Council meetings are going to be more interesting in the days to come. Already at this meeting, there was a taste of Kristen Wilhelm's ecofriendly questions on several development issues that came up for a vote at her first meeting.

I like it.


Who voted for who for Council President? I assume Wilhelm and Taylor voted for Taylor, and Sohns voted for Sohns. Who did Solomon and Skwronski vote for?

Scott Thinnes

Since Solomon nominated Sohns, I would assume he voted likewise. That would mean Skowronski was the third vote for Taylor

John Michlig

I agree, though it was silent ballot, so one can only conjecture.

Janet Evans


Congrats on your 500th!

Wilhelm was also taxpayer aware last night. I don't care if the new Aldermen question every proposal that comes up before they vote.

It's time for Rhiner and Grintjes to get their hands out of so many committees.

And before the election, Basil Ryan showed me the formal complaint he filed against Mayor Taylor regarding city personnel. He could have plastered that around publically. But he didn't want to. Again, he didn't want to play dirty. He took the high road.

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