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April 04, 2008


Fred Keller

Awe… shucks… it was nothing.

Thanks to both candidates and Kevin Fischer for playing middleman. I learned the difference between tax “rate” and tax “LEVY” from the “Big-Fisch.”

Thanks for the "plug" John, or is it "props" nowadays?

Bryan Maersch

Thanks again Fred ya big Ga-lute!

I also don't think you would have ever seen a posting of the School Boards Goals if it had not been for local bloggers.

Elected officials are no longer operating in a vacuum and will be taken to task for their decisions.

Kevin Fischer

Very nice piece, John.

All of the Franklin bloggers are to be commended for their community spirit and commentary on election issues.

Greg Kowalski

I'm glad the tax issue has been settled. I'm sure Fred will keep this monumental achievement forever in memory. He deserves plenty of congratulations for it.

On this end, I will still keep a big eye on the issue of developments in the city.

There's hope that the two new members of the Council can bring forth some change in what developments can happen and how the process is handled.

Bryan Maersch

Looks like Fred is working to get the current council to sign a similar pledge.

Maybe the (still to be confirmed) Council members would like to get in on this too!

John Michlig

The dynamic has changed: Election's over.

Don't expect the "candies and flowers" treatment for a while - - at least until the next election cycle.

Bryan Maersch

From what I have been told, the yet to be confirmed winning aldermanic candidates have refused to sign the pledge.

It also looks like most of the council does not want to be the fall guy when it comes to raising taxes.

All the candidates said over and over again as they were stumping for votes "we get the message that taxes are too high".

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