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April 13, 2008



Yea this is something I just don't understand. Generally do people not value their time very highly? Personally I live, work and play all within walking distance of each other so often I would tell people at the office that "I could be home before they left the parking garage" and they would laugh but really didn't appear to value their time.

John Michlig

Not to mention the whole idea of interaction while in transit. If you can walk to work, you can encounter actual humans along the way; stop for a bagel. Public transit means interaction.

Contrast that with garage-to-garage transportation that the average worker at, for example, Northwestern Mutual deals with. 30 minutes (or much more) alone in a car. Your only encounters? The people you see every day at the office. Local amenities to walk to while at work? NONE.


Oh I definitely agree. When you are in you car it is very unlikely you are going to run into a friend and have a real chat but when you are walking the chances of interaction go way up.

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