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May 22, 2008


Janet Evans


I bet I know who one of Fred Keller's Dirty Half Dozen is!

Gee, it wasn't too hard to think of that one, now was it. Except dirty doesn't come to mind for me. It's more "slimy."

Oh, "with all due respect."

Oh yeah, I haven't said this for a couple days....Boomgaard. There, I feel better.

Greg Kowalski

Add me onto that angry list. If Sohns pulls anymore of those stunts it won't be tolerated.

Bryan Maersch


He just lost mine and my wifes vote. But that's OK, as he has said to me in the past, if you are not going to vote for me over one issue so be it.

Well so be it.

John Michlig

The thing is, it's not just an issue (I pretty much agree with the POINT he was trying to make) - - it's an ATTITUDE (which I DON'T agree with).

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