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May 29, 2008


Janet Evans

Ha! That's pretty funny. My husband was at the game last night too. He didn't mention "Snitker" though.

As much as it is nice having a covered stadium, I miss County Stadium. I just loved the feel of it and how close you were to the field. We went to a lot more games back when my kids were young. And they were thrown, and also caught many fly balls. I'd say Fenway park resembles County Stadium the most now, except for the Green Monster! Plus the food is different there.

Anyway...I'm glad your daughter and her friend had a good time.

John Michlig

I like County Stadium, too, but only as nostalgia. Miller Park is so superior in terms of what you can do with young kids, and it's great to be abler to loiter out in that concourse down the right field line. You couldn't do anything like that at County Stadium.

I'm happy to pay my Stadium Tax.

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