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May 08, 2008


Janet Evans

Great post! And so true.


Can you say fear and time?

When I was a kid (I think I've said this before in my blog) there was no fear in neighborhoods and we were allowed to leave home for the day on our own. A group of neighborhood kids would make our own adventure and "playground" out in fields or woods...climbing trees and huge rocks. Later, for my kids, there was the playground, but being a stay at home mom, I had time...and loved taking my children to play with other kids. They weren't left on their own, and suggestions could be made to guide them along, if needed (less imagination is used when you are in a confined space of a playground).

Now you have the backyard equipment. Kids are left outside in the back yard where it is safe...but they are bored. There's no one to interact with...not even mom.

Fear...and time (time both in past/present and in time from a parent) along with the lack of community. That's all part of the problem.

John Michlig

Your point about fear is well taken.

However, I feel that the design and "subdivisioning" of our communities has much to do with the sense of insecurity we now face. It's the cultivation of a landscape that values passage more than place, to paraphrase author Jane Holtz Kay in ASPHALT NATION.

This long slide began with proposition 13 in California (the "People's Initiative to Limit Property Taxation") and we live with its consequences today.

Who would have ever thought the day would come when a SIDEWALK is an "option"?

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