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June 23, 2008


Janet Evans


As I said before, I really love this concept...and actually spoke to a builder/developer friend about it tonight when I saw your post. He was familiar with this from the West Coast/East Coast.

By the way...what's the city doing to help prevent what happened to your home from happening again? Is that going to be a work in progress?

John Michlig

I hope there is a developer somewhere who can see beyond strip malls here in Franklin.

Regarding my flood situation: That will be an ongoing discussion with the city. Turns out the only two storm sewers in my cul-de-sac simply empty into the ditch in my back yard - - not a good situation during a torrential rainstorm like the one we faced.

Suicuin L'Moriel

Do these fools read this blog? Why not?

Honestly, it's just just ignorance. I really think they DO NOT care. They want fast buck strip malls and to think as little as possible. If that's all they can build then NOTHING should be built in Franklin, there are plenty of brownfields in Milwaukee begging for legitimate development

John Michlig

Flattering, Suicuin, but it's hard to imagine a scenario where a developer sits down with his staff and says, "You know what, let's defer our own payback a bit on this project and see if we can make something that is a real contribution to the community. We'll make more money in the long run, fellas, and I have some notes I took from a blog called SPRAWLED OUT ...."

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