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June 19, 2008


franklin resident

Kudos, John!!

Your report on the Taylor appointments in Franklin and how this guy has instituted his own version of TV’s “SURVIVOR” into Franklin politics, could not have been more explicit and accurate!

The self-revelation of Sen. Lazich’s intern, Kevin Fisher, concerning his bottom-feeding political philosophy and his attitude of cronyism trumping competency, is also a good teaching tool. I am sure he is mirroring his boss’s convictions or she would surely gag him when he “talks out of school”.

I will say it again as I did on Greg’s site:

Considering the questionable political mind of Tom Taylor, one should not be surprised when he surrounds himself with his “yes men/women” and disregards the best interests of Franklin.

Choosing the most competent person for a job is known as the honor system. Taylor still employs the spoils system, or you might call this Taylor’s version of “affirmative action” concerning appointments. Affirming for Tom, that is, when he has his chosen lackeys expressing agreement and consent by “affirming” his whims.

Taylor’s prime driving force has shown itself to be self-aggrandizement whether it is in politics or finances.

Taylor’s record, from the onset, speaks for itself. When he was employed by Milwaukee County, he was one of the main characters in the Milwaukee County Pension scandal led by the infamous and former County Exec. Tom Ament. Taylor now enjoys his bloated pension of about $61,000. annually, thanks to some very “creative” but illegal maneuvers with County Pension Funds. We will be paying for this scam far into the future.

Someone once said, “corruption in municipal politics is inversely proportional to the size of the community”. Taylor has fit right in.

There is also another axiom: “Your reap what you sow”. My guess is that apathy and indifference will take it’s toll in Franklin as the Taylor Sleaze Machine will do its worst to change the landscape of Franklin with irresponsible and prairie fire-like commercial development irregardless of established zoning. It is simply changed to accommodate the situation.

Franklin citizens have already felt the Franklin Plan Commission and Common Council “steamroller”. The City pulled the rug out from under its citizens when they made a promise to never changing the zoning from residential development to commercial in the area that now displays the sprawling monstrosity named “Shoppes at Wyndham Village” Drexel Ave. & Hwy 100. The complaints from the residents of Wyndam Hills were simply ignored.
Now they are erecting a colossal, ugly, freestanding Target sign on that corner. I wonder if that was included in the original plan presentation.

Can you think of someone who has a very interlocking relationship with Franklin area commercial developers? Taylor must have his bootlickers to fulfill his and his developer partners goal of commercial sprawl throughout Franklin.


Hey FRANKLIN _ RESIDENT .. Get an original nom de plume
I had it since 10/07
It's just going to cause confusion. Think of something original.

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