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June 09, 2008



That's why I go where I go, too. Starbucks sign up is really convoluted, though. Expect them to simplify the arrangement soon. As it stands, I still won't be going there.

Janet Evans

I don't enjoy giving more info than necessary ...anywhere (especially for marketing purposes). That's what's nice about being able to use my own laptop at the library (or sitting outside of John's house (ha...just kidding John). Simplify it, as Cindy says....

Greg Kowalski


I'll still be seen at 5 Star Coffee. There's no way a free two hours in a cramped Starbucks could at all compare to leisurely sipping my hot mocha on a leather chair at 5 Star, at times overlooking a warm fire during winter.

If I want my buns to ache and to hunch my back to the point where I become the futuristic Hunchback of Starbuck, I'll consider the mermaid.

Zach W.

I just think it's a shame thre's no locally-owned coffee shop here in South Milwaukee. That's one thing we're sorely lacking.

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