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June 03, 2008



There's no need for the transit system to suffer if it makes the switch to Natural Gas.

All over the country, more fleets are turning to this alternative fuel as the cleanest-burning, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution in order to stave off rising prices and the consequent fuel-surcharge.

Private funding and government subsidies make the switich to Natural Gas pain-free. Indeed, this domestically abundant resource is here and now and needs to be acknowledge as the only practical bridge to energy sustainability.


Unfortunately changes towards more efficient buses are going to require a capital investment which the County doesn't want to do. The thing that helped TMERL in the early days was having access to their own power plants which drove the electric streetcars. MCTS could work towards that end in their next generation by having electric buses which are charged by some type of renewable energy source such as solar.

But that doesn't get to the bottom of the major costs which are hurting the system, health care. Hopefully the government will see the benefit in providing a universal and basic health care system which will lessen the costs of businesses. If health care was removed from the MCTS budget think how much better the system could be?

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