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July 22, 2008


Josh Strupp

"large better steering model of shopping carts"

That would look AWESOME on a "welcome to Franklin, WI." sign on southbound Hwy100. Someone get working on this please.

John Michlig

We are truly blessed.

Who needs sidewalks?

J. Gravelle

The left bemoaning the opening of a new Starbucks?

Hopefully Target has built ample hitching posts to accommodate the Seven Horsemen, for surely this is a sign that the apocalypse is upon us...


John Michlig

It's often not the "what," but the "how" and "where" that matter.

You know - "nuance" and all that "leftist" stuff.

And, fear not, there is AMPLE-PLUS PARKING for cars and Apocalyptic Horsemen alike at the Target strip mall. But leave your bike at home

Dave Reid

From the picture I'm wondering if this Target has enough parking? haha It's ridiculous but big boxes plan there parking for something like 10 days a year where they might fill up. Otherwise the rest of the time just big parking lots.

Liz Stone Abraham

This all reminds me of the story line from Pixar's WALL-E. Not sure how the writers got it past Disney. (This is just the beginning of the movie, so it won't spoil it.) One giant superstore rules the world and produces so much garbage that humans have to be jettisoned into space for a 700-year supersized, automated luxury cruise while robots on Earth compress the garbage into little cubes and stack them up into garbage towers. On the space cruise, humans over the generations stop walking or moving or interacting directly with each other. They become almost boneless, brainless, and blob-shaped. When I came out of the movie, it was into a gigantic, two-thirds empty parking lot lined with big-box stores. I looked around and noticed that nearly everyone was obese. I shivered even though it was beastly hot. Very JG Ballard/Ray Bradbury. Very creepy.


As long as the stoplights function correctly as to not have the cars stop and go, stop and go on Hwy 100, I'm a happy camper... :-)

With regards to the carts, John, mother knows best when she says a bigger cart is always better.

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