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July 14, 2008


Terrence Berres

"After spending decades constructing roads in residential areas that encourage speed and inattentive driving, traffic engineers wise up."

That doesn't seem to follow from Oconomowoc having to "remove several downtown buildings to make way for" this roundabout.

John Michlig

One hopes that wising up in commercial intersections will carry over to safer roads (right-angle turns, narrower streets, etc.) in residential areas.

Terrence Berres

Or it might not, while DOT might be mandating demolitions of businesses on every small town Main Street that's a state highway.

Fred Keller


Roundabouts are great in Europe, especially London:


John Michlig

I always think of that scene when I see a roundabout!

True - multi-lane roundabouts are pretty incomprehensible to rookies.

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