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July 09, 2008



No review of the new store John? I was hoping to read your opinions of what this one is like. It seems like the "other" Sendik's (51st & Rawson) was met with a lot of exitement and fanfare, while this one hasn't gotten much coverage. Greg K said he was disappointed once he went in the front door. This store looks very nice from the outside, but what about the inside? I haven't been there yet.


No time to go in! Had a Great America appointment that day.

My impressions are forthcoming, of course.

Scott Thinnes

The wife and I visited the new Sendik's the first evening it was open. The outside looks impressive; the inside, not so much. Concrete floors, wide isles, tall ceilings, some exposed roof structure. Not as intimate and quaint as the Sendik's on Rawson. We also strolled to the east end of the building to gaze over the still waters of Lake Carstensen, it was a magical moment.

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