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July 10, 2008


Fred Keller


As you know I'm not the greenest person you know, but I know a $98,000 "shit-hole" when I see one, and this is a "SHIT-HOLE."

Excuse the "French."

John Michlig

Merde. The French is "merde."

$98,000 merde.

Liz Stone Abraham

Makes me think of the Danbury Fair Mall, built by Wilmorite Inc of Rochester in 1986 on top of 130 acres of field and wetlands. The spot had been home to a spectacular 112 year old country fair. The mall parking lot has little "wetland spaces" on its perimeter but the rest is asphalt. The geese and ducks still stop by on their way south but people don't like the poop. Excuse me, merde. Good luck.

Joshua Skolnick

Reminds me of some of the stormwater basin projects around here in Williams Bay, which are equally abysmal . Its shameful when many of the Chicago collar counties are light-years ahead in naturalized storm water basin standards and holding them to them, when Wisconsin is supposedly the progressive state on environmental standards. Such a poor-performing project would be red-tagged in Lake or Dupage County in Illinois, and the bond money would not be released until a thick growth of native prairie vegetation and wetland vegetation was well-established in the basin.

For some alternative perspectives on sustainable stormwater management, wasteful lawns, and native plantings, check out these: Our Landscaping supports Exxon Mobil (http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/3/9/105451/0047/237/309966) and this site (http://www.delafleur.com/168_Elm/index.htm) detailing some of the sustainable stormwater management initiatives that can be done. There are alternatives to landscrape "architecture" that are cheaper, aesthetically pleasing, and are less of a "mosquito hatchery", as unlike the mudhole you illustrate, they provide an ecosystem and habitat for mosquito predators such as dragonflies, frogs and bats.

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