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August 25, 2008


Janet Evans

I also read "Crap to go," but I have a habit of reading signs and bill boards like that incorrectly quite often. I thought it was just me.

What do you think it is? the font?

Seriously, nothing is coming to my mind for an example, but there are other areas in the Milwaukee area where the same thing happens - I see another word first.

At least I know someone of great intelligence like you, John, has the same problem, so I don't feel so bad. : ) Actually, we don't have the problem, do we...if it's the font or layout?


I remember the first time I read that. I had to double look because I didn't think any store would be so bold.

Then I was at a friend's house and she even read it out loud and asked, "What crap do they sell at Crap to Go?"

I couldn't stop laughing over that one.


^^The store I believe is mentioned in the Franklin City Newsletter this quarter. Hence, my friend was reading from that.


Whoever created the name of that store should have thought things through a bit better. "CPAP" is just an unfortunate series of letters. The eye sees an "R" in order to make a real word rather than an unfamiliar sequence of letters. It's like that exercise where you're presented with nonsense words that you can somehow read because the first and last letters are correct; the mind fills in the rest.

Somewhat related: Back when comic books were printed on cheap pulp, there was an industry-wide prohibition against using the word "flick" - the idea being that it was too easy for the "L" and "I" to join and make the big bad "f" word.


That's hilarious - can you post a picture of the actual store? I"ll bet you could get a lot of traffic from Digg by posting it.


I've read your blog for a while but haven't ever felt compelled to post before this. I had to laugh when I read this post -- I thought for sure that I must be the only person to have read the sign that way. Glad to see I'm not!


Sorry ... Crap2Go is Walmart.

Laugh all you want ... CPAP2GO is making money.


No doubt about it - I know at least two people who have sleep apnea and use their products.


And while you're laughing, remember that this successful new store chose to locate there despite the "Boomgarden" foolishness. While other stores have failed, this new venture is apparently off to a rousing success.


"steve," I think you overestimate the reach and impact of a little rented space.

In terms of their needs, locating a CPAP2GO is no big shakes. And it doesn't add much of anything to the area.

Places like CPAP2GO snap up small vacancies in strip malls all over the place. You could call it "Crapgarten" and they wouldn't care as long as the rent was low.

In fact, "steve," CPAP2GO is what you get when you cultivate nothing better than strip malls. Enjoy it.

Can you think of something better or more useful that might have gone in there if it was better designed? I can.

CRAP2GO, indeed.


I think Steve is taking things a little to seriously.

Have a good chuckle, it won't kill you!

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