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August 03, 2008


Fred Keller


Sounds to me like ‘good ol’ boy, sleaze-ball politics’ is alive, well, and flourishing in Franklin. FCRL; ‘Citizens For Responsible Leadership.’ There’s a hot one!

“… James Seymer could not be reached for comment Friday, and Rhiner, who is listed as the citizen group's current treasurer, did not return a telephone call.

Seymer's father, recall activist Orville Seymer - a founding member of both the Franklin group and the broader Citizens for Responsible Government - said any errors in filings were unintentional. Orville Seymer said his son had moved out of Milwaukee County but would not say where. …”

How’s that for ‘RESPONSIBLE?’ Can you say: “Spider-hole?”

What the Duck

How do you say "convenient" in Dutch?

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