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August 27, 2008



At the school board meeting yesterday, some woman complained that the schools are paying to transport children via bus that live 11 houses away from Southwood Glen . She said t.he district should cut that sort of thing to save her and the rest of the property tax payers money. Jim Miltzer replied that all of Franklin was considered a hazardous area, so the district is required to offer transportation. The woman got all huffy, said she didn't know this and said that the school district should put this fact in brochures to prospective families so they would be informed. It's a catch-22. People would complain if the district didn't offer busing to families that live near schools that it would be unsafe for their children to walk. If a child were to be injured walking to school, the district would be faced with an expensive lawsuit that would wipe out any savings from skimping on busing.

I lived right next door to Southwood Glen, with a sidewalk leading right to the school, and my mom made me ride the bus when I was little even though I begged her to let me walk. I lived so close my parents could watch me the whole way and they could see me walk into the building from our house. I thought it was ridiculous even when I was seven. Once the bus broke down in sight of the school right in front of my house and we had to wait 30 minutes for another bus to pick us up because it would have been a liability to have the students walk a half a block. Busing is just another consequence of poor neighborhood design that comes back to us in the form of higher property taxes and transportation costs.. You can pay now when a neighborhood is built, or pay more later. The attitude is focused on saving in the short run in Franklin, and that's a shame.


You're absolutely right. Short term thinking has left us so disconnected that kids are completely dependent on vehicles. The situation you describe is more and more common. And very sad.

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