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August 01, 2008



At franklin high school, NO ONE walks to school, and upperclassmen can't be seen riding the bus. To keep up appearances at FHS you gotta have a car and a $200 parking permit or else have a lot of friends that are willing to drive you home. If you don't, have fun walking 2+ miles home on collector roads.

John Michlig

I've heard that from other students and their parents as well, Lisa. There's a whole neighborhood a stone's throw away that is unconnected, and 51st street is a death trap. Literally.

Dave Reid

It's funny I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and you know until you experience urban living you really think driving to get everywhere is how things work. Now living in the City, I haven't seen my car in months!

Liz Stone Abraham

In my town, the only way for kids to get to school is via one of two heavily trafficked routes with no shoulders. Even though school buses clog the roads every morning and afternoon, the buses are frequently half-full, leading me to guess that only a portion of kids in each area of town are willing to take the bus. Having grown up in NYC, I don't have personal experience with the shame associated with taking a school bus in high school, but I hear about it from my students. I don't know where we would begin to remedy the situation.

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