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August 29, 2008


Fred Keller

For cryin’ out loud, John, stop with all this, you’re “embarrassing” the city of Franklin, AGAIN!


On GOOGLE, no less!

Janet Evans

You see, you don't get it, John. (sarcastic smile) No children are suppposed to "walk" to school in Franklin. Period. End of story. Those children in your photo should not be on the edge of that street. They have no business being there. One home away...100 homes away.

Yet, the District saves money by asking residents to let them know if they will not be riding the bus. They cut down on busses that way. They do not say you are not allowed to NOT walk to school. Is a form signed releasing the District of responsibility is a walker is hurt on the way to school? I don't know. Since all children are entitled to bus transportation, if a parent declines...I would assume the District is not at fault.

John Michlig

I think the school district is indemnified because buses are available and the "stricken party" chose not to use that service.

Kids miss out on a lot nowadays. I used to complain about walking to and from school, but those journeys often ended up being highlights of the day. Modern kids are very, very constricted, so it's no wonder they can't handle their new freedom in college.

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